Here, at Coláiste Mhuire, we take your child’s security very seriously, whether in the real world or in the virtual world. Dr Maureen Griffin B.A M.A Ph.D is the founder of MGMS Training Limited. She is a forensic psychologist, specialised in the area of online offending and she recognised the need for education/training for children and those responsible for their care and protection. ( On 1st February 2017, we, along with the Parents Council, invited Dr Maureen Griffin to talk to our students and their parents to show them the dangers of social media and online presence, but also, and most importantly, to tell them how to be safer. In the 21st century, it is crucial for young people to understand the implications of their online behaviour and to understand that once online, nothing is really private anymore. We hope that, when our students went home this evening, they started implementing Dr Griffin’s advice to make their profiles safer and that they have a better understanding of a responsible online presence. On behalf of everyone at Coláiste Mhuire and its community, we would like to thank Dr Maureen Griffin for coming to us today. If you would like more information on what they do at MGMS, visit their site