The Importance of languages

French is one of the languages available at Coláiste Mhuire. Modern languages, French in particular, are so important in today’s world. They open a lot of doors when it comes to studies or even work. This is why we encourage all students to learn a modern language. Many of the big names of the internet industry seek young multilingual people to work with them. French is spoken on all five continents and it comes second, after English, in the languages that people learn.

Paris Trip

Every two years, we organise a trip to Paris. This year, 2nd year and 3rd year students went on a five-day trip to the French capital. They stayed with French families and had the opportunity to practice their skills throughout the trip. They also experienced the French food and way of life. A great time was had by all.



French is a modern language spoken by many in many countries. As such, a major emphasis is put on oral work, from questioning by the teacher to interaction between the students. The earlier students start practicing good pronunciation, the better they will be in Leaving Cert.


Writing is an important part of the exams but it can be quite tedious, so we try to find fun ways to get students to write. For example, the 1st years introduced themselves with a selfie.

We also use ICT on a regular basis to get students to be more engaged in their learning and more motivated to be active in the language class. From the computer room to the use of apps such as Google Classroom or Plickers, we have many digital resources that appeal to the students.