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Daily Routine for Students

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hey guys, two weeks in now and I think we are getting the hang of this. It's very different for students, teachers and parents. Whatever our situation we are all adapting. Mr. Farrell keeps in touch with all the staff and then he lets us know how they are getting on. Check out our FB page each day for "A day in the life of..." all your favourite teachers, no doubt Mr.Kelly's daily routine is hotly anticipated.

While you're here please have a read of the following from Mr. Flanagan and all the staff in CBS.

We hope you and all your family are doing well during these strange times. We know everyone is doing their best to continue their learning. We would like to encourage everyone, where possible, to log into their emails and connect with their teachers through all of their Google Classrooms. Some boys have only checked in with one or two teachers and need to engage with every one of their subject teachers. Some boys have checked in once or twice and have not returned. We encourage you to log back in and we also require parental support with this. 

However, we want to reassure some of our pupils who are worried about submitting work. For those that do not have access to devices or perhaps are sharing devices with parents and other siblings, please relax. Nobody will fall behind. The priority at this point are our exam students in both 3rd & 6th year. We are calling on you to keep your focus on the exams in June. For those students without access to the internet you can also engage with learning through your textbooks and notes. Work on exam questions from the papers.

For our non exam pupils this is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your literacy skills by reading books and writing a letter to your relatives or friends. Yes indeed, letter writing is a real thing as are envelopes and stamps! Give it a go.This is an idea time for you to develop your culinary skills by preparing a meal for your parents or making a meal for an elderly neighbour or even a cup of tea. Obviously maintain a 'social distance'. This will save lives and prevent further spread.  

It is vitally important to get a routine, balanced with exercise into your daily schedule. Wellbeing and resilience are key components of the junior cycle, so why not put it into practice and build life skills such as ironing, putting a wash into the washing machine, mowing the grass and helping with other household chores or on the farm. This is very much the education of life. These are the skills that you will all require. It will give you a sense of purpose and pride in your achievements. The real positive of this is that you will be doing something helpful, which in turn will make life much easier for your loved ones. 

Your homework during the Easter is to do random Acts of Kindness every day, without looking for anything in return. You do not require teacher interaction or Google Classrooms for this.

The main message from all of us in Coláiste Mhuire is to reduce anxiety levels as situations vary for everybody, including us your teachers and yes we do miss you too!

Please remain upbeat and positive and remember the wise words -"This too shall pass".

Stay safe and well,

Mr Flanagan & all of the Coláiste Mhuire Team.  

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