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And so it begins...

Where did that summer go??? Yep we're back. Our new first years came through the glass doors on Friday last. Nerves and excitement filled the air as over 100 boys began a new chapter in their lives.We all remember our first day in "big" school and most of our experiences are similar. Many of us were anxious in the beginning, lonely even, but as we became familiar with our surroundings and our classmates, these feelings subsided and we felt at home. From all students and staff at Coláiste Mhuire we say "welcome" to the newest members of our school community.

The pictures in this article are from the first year Week of Welcome (WOW). WOW involves students taking part in a different activity every day in an effort to make friends and explore different interests within Coláiste Mhuire. All students in first year are encouraged to take part in as much as they can with certificates up for grabs for those who try out everything on offer.

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