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Appropriate Footwear and Mobile Phone Policies

Like every other organisation, our school has rules. In the school year 17/18 we introduced a footwear policy whereby all students must wear shoes/runners that are entirely black. This initiative came about as a result of Student Council and school management consultations. The aim behind the policy was to remove the pressure on students to adhere to fashion trends. The entire student body made the transition seamless as of August '17 and it has been decided that the rule will be retained going forward.

Mobile phones are an important asset in all our lives and Coláiste Mhuire recognises that students have a need to bring their phone with them to school. However phones can also be a distraction and the use of phones as recording devices can make students within our school community uncomfortable. With all this in mind, we implement a rule whereby students must keep their phone powered off while on school grounds. Should a student need to contact their parent or guardian they can do so via a school phone located in the reception.

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