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Basketball earns title in its debutante year

You may recall an article which appeared on this website documenting the resurgence of basketball within CBS. Mr. Boudin arrived to the school in September 2017 and with him he brought his expertise in the sport.

The Frenchman took to coaching 1st and 2nd years and was joined by Mr. Kelly and Mr. Spellman as they toured the midlands taking on their opponents. The leagues ended in final appearances for both teams.

On Wednesday the final trip of the tour headed for Ballymahon Vocational School. The opponents were formidable and proved themselves worthy. In the end the two schools had to share the spoils as Ballymahon took the 2nd year title while Mullingar took the 1st year prize.

To appear in the final in both competitions is a huge achievement and winning the 1st year competition puts basketball on the map in Mullingar. Congrats to all involved! Check out the pics here and on the homepage. Coláiste Mhuire Abu

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