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Basketball off to a flying start.

Last year, with the arrival of Mr. Boudin, came the arrival of Basketball. The France native suggested that he take his knowledge of the sport and teach it to those who sought coaching. Basketball was always a feature of P.E. in CBS, on our school grounds we have three outdoor courts and one indoor. However with the popularity of football, hurling and athletics, competitive basketball did not feature in the school calendar. That remained the case last year with Mr. Boudin putting in place a year of coaching the basics before entering competition, and so entering into leagues remained on hold, until now.

Coláiste Mhuire now features first and second year teams and their entry into leagues have seen them shoot right to the top. "We have won all our games so far and have qualified for a semi-final with a game remaining so it has been a dream start for us." said Mr. Boudin. " As with other sporting successes in the school, it is owed to the hard work of the students. If you take their dedication out of the equation we wouldn't be where we are now. As a coach I can really see the progress in the students awareness and understanding in the game and this is paying dividends on the court" the Frenchman continued.

The sport has proven popular and seems close to the heart of any students. Well done on the progress so far lads and keep up the great effort.

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