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Best selling author, teacher v student games, school walks and coffee morning kick of Wellbeing Week

Our schoolwide Wellbeing Week kicked off on Monday with a visit from Irish author John Connell. John's book, The Cow Book, has received widespread acclaim and has even prompted Netflix to come calling his way. However John's life has not always looked so wonderful from his own point of view. In his visit to Coláiste Mhuire John discussed his battle with and triumph over depression. Mr. Connell emphasised how every ordinary life is an extraordinary life, unique and of infinite value. His speech proved most inspiring and serves as a reminder that we may all need help, we can all give help and that people are always willing to help those in need. The Longford author taught us to value ourselves as this is often something we struggle to do.

In addition to the visits we will receive this week, school walks take place throughout the week. Coffee mornings also serve as a reminder that as important as work and study are, a break from it all is just as important. A teacher v students basketball game on Monday was attended by over 100 with the teachers running out narrow winners (it is worth noting that the referee was also a teacher). Still loads more to come!!!

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