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BT Young Scientist Exhibition recognises work of Coláiste Mhuire students and teacher.

Entries to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition have become an annual occurrence for Coláiste Mhuire Mullingar. The regularity of our appearance can perhaps lead us to assume that all schools feature in a similar fashion. This is far from the truth. Each year, entries have to qualify for the event. Thousands of projects are submitted for a rigorous screening process which ensures the standard of the exhibition is maintained. As a result of this process, the majority of projects don't make the cut and many schools have no representation. It is in light if this that we truly begin to appreciate what goes on in our science department.

This year, six CBS Mullingar projects made it to the RDS, combine this with last year's entries and we can count thirteen. This doesn't just happen. Our students, like many across the country, have ambition and talent. Still this does not breed success. Work for the BT Young Scientist begins in September. Ideas and hypotheses are just that, and they remain just that unless they are made concrete, something tangible, something that can be harnessed, honed, progressed or proved. The science department in Coláiste Mhuire encourages the application of all things learned in class and teachers are fully behind students as they embrace innovation and adventure. One teacher in particular steers the drive for BT each year. Ms. Eva Acton has worked tirelessly to make ambitions reality and in 2020 the BT Young Scientist competition themselves recognised this work. Ms. Acton won Educator of Excellence, an award only conferred upon four teachers nationally.

Understandably the Colaiste Mhuire community was ecstatic on hearing the news, yet all could agree it was nothing less than she deserved for countless hours of selfless work. Our students also received recognition within the competition. Three of our entries were Highly Commended while a fourth won the Met Eireann Special Award.

Coláiste Mhuire's relationship with the BT Young Scientist competition has been healthy and fruitful for a number of years now. Yet it is important that this is not taken for granted. Hard work on the behalf of students and staff maintains this relationship. To all involved, thank you for represent our school in such a marvelous way and thank you for your efforts.

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