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First Year students working hard in Woodwork

Some students excel at Math, others at English while some find they are talented within Music, P.E. or Computer Coding.However the range of subjects offered at Coláiste Mhuire means everyone can find an area in which they excel. Couple this with hard work and caring teachers and there is no limit to what a student can achieve. One subject that many students enjoy is Woodwork or Materials Technology Wood. The subject gives students with an interest in working with raw materials a chance to express themselves. Woodwork has been as popular as always and Mr. McMahon has noted how the application of students efforts, yields great results. Mr McMahon said "This year's First Year group had an outstanding first term in the subject with myself and have upheld an extremely high standard as seen in the projects".

The remarks of Mr. McMahon are hugely encouraging and all students involved in the group should be proud of their first 8 weeks in Coláiste Mhuire. Check out the project work in the pictures included in this article.


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