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For the attention of all parents

Many of you will be aware of the Minister for Education's most recent announcements. For those of you who missed them, they are outlined below.

  1. All Leaving Cert students studying languages will receive 100% in lieu of oral assessments in Irish and modern European Languages.

  2. Oral exams are cancelled.

  3. Practical exams in Leaving Cert Music and practical tests in Junior Cert Music and Home economics are cancelled. Students will receive 100% in lieu of these these practical exam/test cancellations.

  4. Students will not be able to move from ordinary level to higher level in Leaving Cert Irish or modern Foreign Languages. This is due to students already being awarded 100% for the oral exam at their current level preference.

The staff at Coláiste Mhuire ask all parents to encourage all pupils to login to Google Classroom everyday. The Teaching and Learning is continuing online every single day of the school week.

We all have a role to play in this. We do need the support of you, the parents and main educators in your homes, in getting the boys into a routine of working on Google Classroom and from their textbooks and notes copies. We appreciate it is an anxious time, but our teachers will continue to be there every step of the journey. In all of this, we should remember that downtime and a break from academics is still important and students should try to strike the balance between work and play.

It is worth remembering that we are all in the same boat and this only temporary. School will return at some stage and students, teachers and parents will be glad of that.

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