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Incoming first years begin our return to school.

August 27th marked the end of summer for Coláiste Mhuire Mullingar. The latest additions to our school community came through the doors for the first time in the form of first year students. Excitement and apprehension were the emotions of the day as the familiarity of last year was swapped for the unknown of this year.

Roll on one week and these same students still wander down the wrong corridor in search of G23, but this week they can be seen coming to a sudden halt, swiveling on foot and changing direction. The difference is; they are figuring it all out, just as our 6th years did five years previous.

Like all things in life, school takes a bit of navigating and that is expected. Yet the navigation is not a lonesome experience. From the day you step through the doors, you are a Coláiste Mhuire boy, part of the Coláiste Mhuire community. On behalf of the wider student body, and the staff, we would like to welcome aboard all our newest students. We hope that your time here is a great time, as it has been a great time for the students that have went before you. We will end this post with a few photos from our Week of Welcome activities...Have a look to see if you can spot yourself below!

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