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Updates to Return Dates

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Earlier in the summer we published provisional return to school dates to give students an idea of when school would resume. Due to Covid-19 regulations our dates have changed slightly, but school is just around the corner at this stage.

1st year: Friday August 28th, 9am-1.15pm (No school on Monday, so 1st years attend on Friday 28th and attend again on the following Tuesday and from there on.)

2nd year: Thursday September 3rd

3rd year: Wednesday September 2nd

TY: Friday September 4th

5th year: Friday September 4th

6th year: Tuesday September 1st

Now that can be a little tricky to follow so I've given it in chronological order below.

Friday 28/08: 1st Year induction 9am-1.15pm

Monday 31/08: NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 01/09: 1st and 6th year attend.

Wednesday 02/09: 3rd years return to join 1st and 6th year.

Thursday 03/09: 2nd years return.

Friday 04/09: TY and 5th year return and everybody is back to school.

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