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School Awards Ceremony

The annual school awards ceremony took place on Tuesday last. Our school calendar is hectic and the awards ceremony allows us sit back and take stock of all the achievements of our students in various disciplines. Individual students were voted Student of the Year in their class group while one student went on to win the award within each year group. Player of the Years, best Junior Cert Result along with individual subject awards for 6th years were bestowed. The contribution of Ms.Cooke was also acknowledged as she says farewell after years of tireless service.

As the awards represent the individuals who climb to the top they also encourage others to fight for these titles and so the student body as a whole improves its own standards and grows its own vision. As teachers in the school we aim to help students to become the best version of themselves, however we are acutely aware that the biggest factor in a student's progression is the student themselves. It is for this reason every year we come together to celebrate the people of this school community.

The ceremony was best captured in pictures so have a look at the album on the homepage to get the visuals.

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