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School Return Dates and School Uniform Info

Below are the return dates for each individual year group as we commence Academic Year 2019/20 (don't worry it is still a long way off lads! ). These will also appear on the school calendar at the bottom of the homepage.

Below the school dates, is a link in which the school uniform requirements are specified. This will be of particular interest to incoming first years, those joining us from other schools and those transitioning from third to TY or 5th Year. ...And no, the uniform looks nothing like the cartoon above :) Check out the link for confirmation.


Friday 23rd August:                   1st Year Induction Day (9am – 1.15pm)

Monday 26th August:               5th Years Return – Assembly & Timetables @ 9am

Tuesday 27th August:               6th Years Return – Assembly & Timetables @ 9am

Wednesday 28th August:        3rd Years Return – Assembly & Timetables @ 9am

Thursday 29th August:             2nd Years Return – Assembly & Timetables @ 9am

Friday 30th August:                  TY Return – Assembly & Timetables @ 9am

All students should arrive in school by 8.40am each day

Link to School Uniform Specifications

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