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Students seeing benefit of Supervised Evening Study

Evening study attendance has reached record numbers this week. The silent environment mimics that of a state exam and so students feel better prepared for the Junior and Leaving Cert.

Evening study has become part of the school day for many students. Rather than trying to put a table in their bedroom and finding a set of ear plugs, a number of students opt to stay in school to complete their homework and study. Recent Leaving and Junior cert results have suggested that spending those few hours in school, rather than at home, has benefits when the exams roll around.

Term 1 exams begin today and the demand for places in study has spiked since midterm. Almost 200 students are now attending and extra teachers have been assigned to facilitate. This marks a very mature attitude within the student body as they realise the importance of investing quality time into their education. Any students who wish to begin evening study are both invited and encouraged to do so.

Best of luck in the exams everybody! :)

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