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TY trip to Achill

Our annual TY tip to Achill took place on Monday and Tuesday last. 71 students and 4 teachers headed w

est to see what adventures lay in the Atlantic ocean. After a stop in Castlebar, another hour onboard the bus took us off the mainland and to our destination. First port of call was of course a Health and Safety briefing. After that bedrooms were assigned. Next the larger group was split into 3 groups for activities. These included surfing, canoeing and coastering. For those unsure, coastering in more or less jumping off a cliff into the waves below (yeah, I bet you weren't expecting to be doing that in school).

A walk involving bog hopping was thrown in for good measure later that evening. After being well feed, a short prayer gathering and a cup of tea, bedtime was welcomed by all. Less welcomed was the wake up call at 8am on the Tuesday. Yet after breakfast, sleepy heads were less sleepy and the lads rotated onto whatever activity they missed the day before. At 1pm Murray's buses pulled up and this signaled that our time way out west had come to an end. The midlands called and a physically exhausting excursion ensured everyone snuck in 40 winks on the journey home. Overall the tip was enjoyed immensely by students, teachers and school Chaplin Fr. Joe Campbell. Fr Joe joined us to bless us as we entered the year of transition and so much more.

Check out the gallery (on the homepage) over the coming week for pictures of this memorable getaway.

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