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Urgent News for all Leaving Cert Students

10pm this Thursday (May 28th) is the closing time for the calculated grades portal. We are insisting all Leaving Cert 2020 students should register today to avoid any complications on Thursday. The portal is linked below. You will need your PPS number, your student exam number, your email and your phone number.

While on the portal your will have to confirm which level you are sitting in each subject, you will not be able to switch to a higher level at this stage. There is an option to switch to a lower level.

Whether you register today, tomorrow or Thursday makes no difference in the outcome however we strongly advise pupils to do this ASAP to avoid any complications as the deadline approaches.

In summary:

  1. You need to register before 10pm Thursday.

  2. You need to pick your subject levels before 10pm Thursday.

The portal will slam shut Thursday at 10pm, get yours done well in advance of this time.

Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades Portal

RTE News Report on Leaving Cert Grading Portal

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