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Week of Welcome gets the "thumbs up" from 1st Years

For the opening few days of 2018/19, our 1st year students engaged in a range of activities. This become known as "The Week of Welcome" . Students were handed a "passport" which they carried with them to the various activities. These passports were then signed by the supervising teacher. The aim of the passport was to encourage our newest students to try as many ventures as possible. According to reports from 1st year pupils, the week was a success as many discovered new talents, new interests and new friends. All participating students were then presented with a certificate to recognise their applications to the various tasks. Among the games and trials were gaelic football, hurling, coding,basketball, athletics and music.

Above is a picture of the four boys who attended absolutely every activity made available.

School principal Mr.Flanagan along with "Week of Welcome" organiser, Mr. Damien Lawler, have decided that the initiative will be rolled out each year to help incoming st

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