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Wellbeing Week rids January Blues

Our week of Wellbeing is five days that are to be firmly rooted to our school calendar. The week aims to alleviate pressures on all within our school community by reminding us all that our mental health is our real priority. It is no coincidence that this takes place in the penultimate week of January. This week is viewed by psychologists as "the most depressing week of the year". At Coláiste Mhuire we aim to change the perspective on this. We accept that some weeks will be busier than others, that timelines must be met and that exams need study. We do not accept that we should slip into a depressed state as we head towards the mocks or CBAs. Instead we meet our work with a positive outlook and we deal with whatever comes our way.

Wellbeing Week allowed our students have chat with one another over tea breaks and get fresh air from a school walk. Students and teachers also learned some other tips to help them march on with heads held high. This week also involved an inspirational talk from hugely successful author, John Connell. In addition to this, the pupils got behind their fellow students as they attempted to beat their teachers in games of basketball and soccer (the teachers won 7-0, g'wan the teachers). An international day on the Friday saw different nationalities within our school celebrate their identity and culture as they shared the traditional foods of their native lands. Friday also saw the culmination of an soccer tournament in which Nigeria were crowned champions.

This week reminds us of what is truly important. Although days may look bleak we can all overcome the difficulties we face. Maybe we need help, maybe someone needs our help, but nothing is ever so dark that we cannot cast out the dark with light.

Remember, if you need help, ask for help. We have your back :)

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