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"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."- Albert Einstein

New features of the Maths specification include learning outcomes across a unifying strand which permeate all the other strands: Number, Geometry and trigonometry, Algebra and functions and Statistics and probability. In each strand of the specification the learning outcomes associated with a particular mathematical idea have been grouped together thus supporting the conception of mathematics as an interconnected body of ideas and reasoning processes that students explore collaboratively with their teachers and their peers. In addition, the grouping makes explicit the cumulative nature of mathematics. There are also new assessments which offers students a chance to demonstrate their achievement as creators of mathematical reports. Teachers, students and parents will be able to check progress by logging in to examples of student work where they will see the range of annotated examples of work that students in junior cycle Mathematics create and see the learning outcomes in action.

The teaching team:
  • Robert Blighe

  • Linda Carton

  • Louise Corrigan

  • Joe Corroon

  • Eugene Coyle

  • Julie McCarthy

  • Edel McCormack

  • Cathy McEnerney

  • Brian Murtagh

  • Oonagh O'Donoghue

  • Mary Whyte

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