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Religious Education

"Let us do ever so little for God, we will be sure He will never forget it, nor let it pass unrewarded." - Edmund Rice

Junior Cycle Religious Education focuses on developing knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values to enable young people to come to an understanding of religion and its relevance to life, relationships, society and the wider world. The course is built around three interconnecting strands: Expressing Beliefs, Exploring Questions and Living our Values.  

The new specification will be introduced in September 2019 to first year students and assessed in 2022 for the first time as part of the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA). 

The teaching team:
  • Alison Casey

  • Gemma Costello

  • Claire Delaney

  • Ciaran Farrell

  • Matt Kearney

  • David Kiernan

  • Barbara Anne Murphy

  • Anne McGlynn

  • Edel Uí Dhuill

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