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Guidelines for Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings are spread over the academic year. 

In 2023/2024, the dates for Parent Teacher Meetings are as follows:


1st Years    Thursday 14th March from 4.15pm   

2nd Years   Tuesday 16th January from 4.15pm

3rd Years    Thursday 7th December from 4.15pm

5th Years     Monday 4th March from 4.15pm

6th Years     Wednesday 29th November from 4.15pm


On these days, lessons finish at the slightly earlier time of 3.45pm

Supervised Evening Study continues to run on these evenings 4pm - 6pm


All Parent Teacher Meetings take place in the school gymnasium.


Parents/Guardians are encouraged to bring their sons' most recent school report with them on the evening, to know which teachers they are required to meet with. Alternatively, the student journal can be used as a source for this information.


Our Parents Council are present at the entrance to the gymnasium. Each year, the Parents Council raises funds for the benefit of students in the school. Last year the Parents Council raised funds to purchase a Portable Defibrillator which is now used by teachers when bringing students to games and on class trips etc...  


This year the Parents Council will collect contributions from Parents/Guardians who would like to contribute - cash or card will be accepted. All the funds raised is spent on students and we thank them for their valued support and contribution. 

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