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I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand -It's an old Chinese proverb which contains a certain amount of truth. Sometimes what happens in the classroom can be understood better when seen in practice and so a school trip may be of benefit to students. Quantifying or listing the number of educational trips we make each year as a school is not easy. Perhaps the best way to put it is, if it is of significant educational value to our students, we will make the trip happen. The vast majority of learning will always take place in the classroom however various subjects require a visit to an appropriate site at some stage within the course. Such excursions can also make learning more tangible and enjoyable.

Ski Trip

The Ski Trip is an annual occurance within Coláiste Mhuire. Teachers Ms. Cooke, Mr. Quinn, Ms. Acton, Mr. Lawler and Mr. Rafferty are regular supervisors of this unique trip. For those who have skied before, it is an opportunity to hone in on their previous  learned skills while the novice skiers get the chance to learn the basics skills as best as possible.  The outlay of the ski trip makes for a very exciting and enjoyable trip for all. The specific details of next year's trip will be added to this page, and the website homepage, as they are confirmed.