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Junior Cycle | Coláiste Mhuire

The Junior Cycle is a three year programme that underpins our school’s vision for developing our students and helps them to achieve their best. This philosophy is in line with the national Junior Cycle Framework that aims to enable students to achieve their full potential and contribute to Ireland’s economic, social and cultural development. Our mixed-ability approach in most subject areas affords students of all abilities the opportunity to expand on their talents and to challenge their young minds. Students study eleven Examination Related Subjects in 1st & 2nd Year. This reduces to nine examination subjects in 3rd Year.


​​Third Year

All students then study the following subjects in 3rd Years for exam purposes.

  • English

  • Gaeilge

  • Maths

  • History

  • Coding

  • Practical Subject 1

  • Practical Subject 2

Junior Cycle practical subjects include (subject to change):  Visual Arts, Music, Home Economics, Graphics, Applied Technology and Wood Technology. 

PLUS Two of the following:

  • Geography

  • Business

  • Science

  • Modern Foreign Language

Throughout these three years, students also study Religious Education and a wellbeing programme encompassing a variety of modules such as Health 4 life, Environmental Studies, Nutrition, Core Fitness, Friends for Life...

In each of the examined subjects there are:

  • Two Classroom-based Assessments.

One is carried out in 2nd year and one in 3rd year.

  • An Assessment Task carried out in 3rd year which is worth 10% of the final grade in the Junior Cert (The Department of Education and Skills will issue details as regards timings etc of these Assessments)

  • A Final Written Exam in June of 3rd year

The Final Written Examination will be held in June of the 3rd year and the grade achieved here combined with the Assessment Task result will be the grade on the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.

The grading system for the final written exam is as follows:


  • Distinction ≥90 to 100%

  • Higher Merit ≥75 and <90%

  • Merit ≥55 and <75%

  • Achieved ≥40 and <55%

  • Partially Achieved ≥20 and <40%

  • (not graded) ≥0 and <20%

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