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Transition Year-What is it all about??

Our transition year programme offers students a chance to uncover hidden talents and develop new skills. TY still has a large academic foundation and students are timetabled for class as they would be in any other year. Students study core subjects such as Irish, English and Maths while they must also undertake subjects which are optional at leaving certificate level. This means students further their learning while also getting a taste of other subjects and fields which may take their interest.
Of course, TY is a year like no other and away from the academics we explore what can only be summed up as "life skills".  From acting in and producing dramas to social dancing and visiting those with special needs, from surfing in Mayo to midweek retreats, from work experience to entrepreneurial ventures, our TY programme stocks too much for us to list. Perhaps the video below is the closest we can come to explaining what this jam-packed year is all about. While watching the video, it becomes clear, the merit of this year can't fully be quantified but it certainly results in invaluable experiences, lasting friendships, new found confidence, discovered talents and a whole lot of smiles and laughter.

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